Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Possible Fly Fishing Tourney

Paisley, Zug, and myself were talking recently about the lack of a quality fly fishing contest like the ones they have out west, here in the South East. We are kicking the idea around about partnering with some area fly shops and fishing clubs to put something together. If you have any suggestions about a format or a location for such an event email me at and let me know your thoughts. Also if you are a member of the fly fishing industry and are interested in co-branding such an event with be sure to speak right up.

Purple Beach Warning Flags

Here is a photo that shows what some of those beach warning flags mean. In light of recent shark events one should take note of the purple flag which flies when "Dangerous Marine Life" may be present in the water.

Columbia Hell's Canyon Water Shoes $29.95

Summer is here and that means you can ditch the waders and get wet. Don't forget that good foot protection is still important. Trade in those old Chuck Taylors for a pair of Columbia Water Shoes only $29.95 PS. Who wouldn't love anything with the name Hell's Canyon!

ALERT! - Free Shipping at Sierra Trading Post

Now is the time to save a few bucks. Sierra Trading Post is offering free shipping on purchases over $75 today and tomorrow.

Rowing Frame - Monster Garage Style

The Brothers Paisley and I spent the better part of last Saturday designing and building the center section of the rowing frame for our fly fishing raft project. The frame itself is made 3/4" EMT conduit. The elder of the Paisley Brothers (Greg) is rather handy with a torch so he brazed the joints together for us. I think it turned out rather well for something we built on the fly. The next part of the project will involve building the fore and aft fishing stations and adding oar locks,an anchor system, floors and a nice coat of paint. Once we finish building it, the entire process will be documented on the site ( Let me know what you think by leaving comments.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Deal of the Evening - Sage 2pc 4wt Fly Rod $99.99

Here is this evenings deal. A sage LE Rod available and 4 or 5 weight for only $99 at Western Sportshop.

Tetons - Good Therapy for Cranky Teens

Ok - From the Travel Desk, I could not help myself when I read the headline on this article. "Tetons can please any age - even those cranky teenagers".... Yep I know very few teenage boys that wouldn't perk right up at the very mention of Tetons. I need to send this one to Jay Leno.

Golf Course Chemicals and Brown Trout Don't Mix

State College, PA's reports on a fish kill that destroyed over 250 brown trout on the Slab Cabin Run. The probable cause is heavy rain causing run off from a golf course. State College is not far from Neshannock Creek where Cletus and I had some fly fishing adventures.

Florida Shark Attacks

Something to think about when surf fishing. This teen lost a leg to a shark while fishing in waist deep water in Florida. Can this happen here? The waters off the Carolina Coast rank 5th nationwide in shark attacks. With more and more people in the water with the sharks they are bound to run into each other from time to time.

Chesapeake Bay Striper Pics

We had a pretty good day catching both Croaker and Striper. I wish I had taken my salt water fly rod but the fish were running very deep so I am sure my floating line would not have got the job done. Note to self: Get salt water rod that breaks down into more than two pieces and buy sinking line.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Comments Enabled

FYI - I have enabled comments on things I post so let me know what you think.


July 4th - NC Free Fishing Day

Free Fishing Day is coming to North Carolina this July 4th. I suppose it doesn't do me much good since I buy licenses each year, but it is a great time to introduce someone to fly fishing on very crowded streams without them having to buy a license.

Visit for details.

Visiting the Smokies From Indy

I am amazed how many outdoor writers visit this area on vacation then use it for column fodder when they get back to work. Here is an article about fly fishing in the Smokies from the Journal and Courier of Lafayette, Indiana.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass

Today I fished on a charter boat on the Maryland Side of the Chesapeake Bay. We had a very good day and caught about 20+ striper. We stopped counting when we got our boat limit (two per person) and released several more. The largest was 26 inches and all were over 18 inches. We also caught a large number of croaker in the process. Thanks to Larry Smith, Regional VP of The Contractor Yard, Inc for inviting me along. I would post pictures tonight but the internet access here at the Best Western Warsaw, VA is spotty at best. I will try to post some of the pics tomorrow night.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Out and About - Tappahannock, VA

My day job ( the one that pays the bills) requires that I visit Tappahannock, Virginia during the latter part of this week. The nice part is that my day job requires that I go out on a Charter Boat fishing with some of our General Managers. Now that is what I call a nice twist of fate. I am doubtful that there will be any fly fishing available on this trip but it will be very nice to get out of the office and get some line wet. While I am there I will try to get some photos for the site and learn what I can about the fly fishing opportunities in that area.

Monday, June 20, 2005

That Certain Fly Fishing Equipment Company Who's Name We Dare Not Speak...

Here is an interesting take on the love / hate relationship that fly fishermen have with OR*IS(as you know I try not to say their name unless they have a really good deal on something). Richard Formato talks about an emphasis on improved customer service at the Roanoke, VA based company.

People Eating Tasty Animals

Here is a article that outlines the plight of the guy that registered PETA.ORG originally for his site about "People Eating Tasty Animals". A judge felt his free speech and quick domain registering trigger finger should be quashed.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Day Pack / Boat Bag $29.95

Sierra Trading Post has just added a deal on a day pack that (being waterproof) also doubles as a boat bag. Nice if you are prone to falling in like me.

Reel Deal of the Day - Cortland Crown 4/5wt Reel $24.95

The Cortland Line Factory Store is offering their Crown Reel for 4/5 wt rods for only 24.95. It is also available in 6/7 wt.

The Old Bamboo...

Greene County Online has a good article about fishing for wild trout on Bamboo. The author talks about being able to feel a hooked fish's "gills moving" when you catch one on cane. I need to drag out my Bamboo rod again this year. I don't fish it nearly enough. Bamboo is so much prettier than graphite in my humble opinion.

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the guy who gave me my first Fly Rod!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bargain Watch - 1wt Double Taper Rio Fly Line $17.95

Keeping with the theme of fishing for wild trout here is a great deal on Rio Double Taper Fly line for your one weight rod. Only $17.95 at the Sierra Trading Post.

Wild Tennessee Trout tells us where wild trout can be found.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rid Yourself of Fish Breath at The Rogue Angler

One of the perks of having a fly fishing web site is that people sometimes send me free stuff....Noooooo but they will send me the occasional catalog so I can drool over items they will sell me. The Rogue Angler did just that and they actually have some pretty kewl gift ideas for Father's Day etc. I thought the fish mints were nice. "Never have Fish Breath Again!"

Sound Trout Fishing Advice

The Shelby Star Online talks about the importance of quietly approching trout so as not to scare them. Sound Advice.

Former Titan's Kicker Gary Anderson May Retire to Fly Fish.

In football news reports that Tennessee Titan's kicker Gary Anderson remains unsigned and will likely retire back to fly fishing in Canada.

Arkansas Trout Biting

The North Texas E-News reports that the fish are biting on the Little Red River in Arkansas. I can't wait until my visit there in September.

Lake Roadhiss

Game&Fish reports on North Carolina fishing hotspots including Lake Roadhiss. A lake near Hickory, NC that state fishery biologist say has more fish per acre than most in the state.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Zugbug Blogs

In my absence (fishing) for the next few days, I have asked Zugbug to take up my blogging slack. He has agreed conditionally (if he can get Blogger to cooperate) to do so. However, he did indicate that he might just go fishing himself, instead of spending all his time doing my semi-work.

Zug is a busy man with his own web site and blog. Check it out at and

New Galvan Fly Reels - Lifetime Warranty

I just received an email telling me that the High Country Fly Shop has some new Galvan Fly Reels in stock that come with lifetime warranties. They run anywhere from $160 to $260. I think they are worth looking at.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Time Away from Computers

I know you all think that I am some sort of pasty computer/geek maven who's only skin color comes from the tan I get from the glow of my monitor and the radiation I absorb from my wireless network. However, I too need to get away for a bit and actually do some fishing / relaxing from time to time. It is for this reason that I am planning on retreating to my fortress of solitude for some R&R. If I can fit my 2 piece 10 weight fly rod in the car the R&R might include me trying my hand at some salt water fly fishing. Therefore, I will be unable to post to the blog or the website for a few days. I intend to tell you about all my adventures promptly upon my return! If I catch a really large fish I might just try out the new Mobile Blogging.

Go out and fish this weekend then send in a fishing report to


Cortland Line Factory Store Deal - Climax Fly Reel - $29.95

The Cortland Line factory store has a sale on their Climax Epic Fly Reel in larger line weights (7 & 8) for only $29.95. A good deal for the trout fisherman looking to get into bass on the fly. It comes with a free spare spool as well.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nostalgic Gifts For Father's Day

Here is something you don't see very often these days, an automatic fly reel. My father swears by these...well since he is a minister I guess he really does not swear by them. However, he does like to use them and for $22.97 you can get a reel that does something the $499 bar stock milled ones can't begin to do. Click here if you want to buy one from The Sportsman's Guide.

Fly fishing in North Western North Carolina has an article about the North Western North Carolina Trout Fishery. It even has a quote from local legend Theo Copeland of Appalachian Angler near Boone, NC.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Bargain Cave Watch - Columbia Vest $19.99

Cabelas has a new item in their Bargain Cave that caught my eye. A Columbia Henry's Fork II Fly Fishing Vest for only $19.99. Here is the catch ... it is only available in size extra small. Still this is a good deal for the petite anglers among us, as these normally sell for $40.

Portrait of a Caddis

A nice example of a yellow caddis from a recent fishing trip. I had a terrible time getting him to hold still.

Fishermen with Hats

Two unsavory looking contributing editors visiting the Davidson River on our recent trip. That is Zugbug on the left and Paisley on the right.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Flyfishing Dirty

Field and Stream Magazine has an article about Flyfishing Dirty. All those little things you can do to catch trout on the fly that might get you some stares from the purists among us.

Friday, June 03, 2005

$134,000 Fly Tying Book

Fish reports on an angling book that brought a record price at auction. "The Fly Makers Manual" by Mervyn Richerdson written for the Earle of Sefton in 1850 went for 74,000 pounds sterling or $134,318 US. Check your attic.

More Fly Fishing in Africa

The Billings Gazette has an article about fly fishing for Tiger fish in Southern Africa. These fish along with the abundant Nile Crocodiles make you think twice about wade fishing when visiting the dark continent.

Music to Fish By...

Here is a group of musicians from Arkansas who have chosen a name dear to our hearts "Trout Fishing in America." Be sure to check out Trout Radio. The music is actually pretty good. With songs like "Wheels on a Big Rig", "Alberta Postcard", and one song about it being too dark outside to mow the grass they sorta remind me of a folksy "Tenacious D".

Fishing Skinny Water

The New Bern, NC Sun Journal has an article about fishing in skinny water with small boats. Sounds like fun.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Blog and Site Updates - Sparse this Weekend

Updates to and the blog will be sparse over this weekend. My lovely wife is playing in a Hearts tournament and I will be accompanying her and generally wishing good luck. Maybe she can bring home some prize money and infuse some venture capital into my site.

Hooked on a Cure - Fly Fish the White River and Help St. Jude's Children's Hospital

June 24th - 26th Ian Colin James and several other fly fishing celebrities will be fishing in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas,for the benefit of the St. Jude's children's Hospital. I promised Mr. James that I would include this excellent cause in my blog and I don't want to face "Scottish Retribution". In addition to Mr. James such notables as Flip Pallot, A.K. Best, and even actor James B. Sikking of Hill Street Blues fame will be aiding the cause.

St. Jude's Childeren's hospital is a worthy cause for anyone who likes kids and fly fishing / kids or fly fishing / or just kids / or just fly fishing... anyway, you get the idea.

"Fumbling with a Flyrod" by Ian Colin James

Here is a link to the part of Mr. Jame's site where you can purchase his book Fumbling with a Flyrod. I am sure after you read some of his site you will want one.

Conversations with "The Carpfather".

Allow me to introduce you to Ian Colin James, Ontario fly fishing guide, humorist and Scotsman extraordinaire. Ian, also known as "The Carpfather" is the author of the best selling fly fishing title "Fumbling with a Flyrod". I have been trading emails with him for a few days after I commented to him about how his site had inspired me to attempt a carp on the fly. Mr. James has a style very much his own and I like the fact that he takes the mystery out of fly fishing. Be sure to check out the "Ask Ian" section of his site.

Oklahoma - Where the Accents Whip Across the Plains

I wasn't able to blog last night as I had tickets to the off Broadway production of Oklahoma. I know this is not fishing related but my wife requires that I have a life outside of the comforting confines of the river.

Overheard from an elderly lady after the show "I couldn't understand a thing they were saying because of those horrible accents."