Monday, December 19, 2005

Hatchery Love For PA Steelhead

The Derrick.Com clues us in on what it takes to raise hatchery Steelhead in Pennsylvania. This is the time of year that hatchery employees collect egga and sperm from adult Steelhead (and you thought your job was tough, you should try being a trout milker for a day). Even in the hatchery only 50% of fish eggs will survive long enough to get to stocking size.

"Sperm from two or three males fertilizes eggs from four or five females. Each "batch" is kept in a container and samples are not mixed until much later in the process following verification from the lab that samples are healthy."

Can you imagine what the male trout tells his buddies when released back into the river? "Dear Trouthouse Forum, I never believed the letters I read in your magazine until now.... "
Makes you look at caviar in an entirely different way.

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