Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Or**s Opens First Tennessee Store

The fishing equipment company who's name I dare not speak has opened their first corporately owned store in the state of Tennessee in the touristy little berg of Sivierville, TN. I was surprised to find out that they didn't already have stores in Tennessee but a check of the map in the back of there fall propaganda sheet indicates that they only have one store in North Carolina as well. I am guessing what I had been seeing in the various towns I frequent are dealers rather than corporate stores. Hope the dealers don't mind the new competition.


rjwata said...

I'm a newbie fly fisher. What have you got against Or--s? I buy almost exclusively from my locally-owned fly shop (Los Pinos in Albuquerque), but I recently ordered some fly tying supplies from Or--s. All I can say from experience is that they are very slow in delivering the good I ordered.

Murdock said...


Excellent Question!

I don't have much against them in general. When I first set up the site I applied with them to be an afiliate (get some $ when folks shop with them through a link on my site, they were the only company that denied my application. I decided not to give them any free publicity so I refer to them as Or**s. I know I should just forgive and forget but its my way of "sticking it to the man." I secretly get their catalogs at home but I find that they just don't have the kind of deep discount deals that I seek out from my readers.

Thanks for the comment!

Murdock said...

In addition:

I agree with you about local fly shops. Good local shops with great service deserve our whole hearted support. They are great sources of information for fishermen and I think that if you are going to pick a guy's brain about fishing spots you should be a good customer and buy from him.