Monday, October 10, 2005

Make Team USA!

Fancy yourself one of the best fly fishermen in the USA? Boy, do I have a deal for you. Fly Fishing Team USA is holding try outs for this years team. Here is what they seek. Do you fit the bill?

*A fly fisherman able to finish in the top 15 in the finals in Colorado.
*Upstanding character that will represent the U.S. in a respectful, professional manner as verified by references, and a positive learning nature (sorry Zug) .
*A competitive, never-give-up team attitude that shows a willingness to extend beyond the limits.
*Ability to travel up to four weeks to compete and train.
*Ability to train on their own, and learn new fly-fishing techniques.

If you make the team you will get don the Red, White, and Blue fishing vest and fish the lovely waters of Portugal where with any luck we should do much better than the beat down the French gave us last year.

I wouldn't stand a chance as I am often chosen last when we are picking teams for fly fishing.

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