Sunday, April 03, 2005

Research trip only a partial success

The trip to check out Jacob's Fork in South Mountain State Park was a partial success. I got a lot of information and pictures for next months article and I got to practice casting in some heavy winds. However, the fish did not want to cooperate. I tried fishing small woolly buggers in the fast water and drifting a number of different nymphs through both the fast water and the slow holes. Holes that had been productive on past trips appeared barren. When I got home I even checked the stocking schedules and they say there should be about 1000 brookies living in that particular stretch of water that had been stocked in March and April. I wonder if the snakes the area is known for ate them!

Probably not, I just didn't seem to have the right touch. I left the house at 8:00 am butI didn't get on the water until about 11:30 and it took me an hour to get the pictures which means I really didn't get a hook in the water until at least 12:30. That is not exactly prime time on this river but still I should have done better. I fished until about 3:30 then decided to pack it up and head the hour and a half back home.

A frustrating day on the water to say the least but it beats being behind a desk any day. There will have to be another trip to Jacob's Fork in the near future. This one will be serious!

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