Tuesday, October 06, 2020

WSJ Declares "Fly-Fishing Boom is Here!


Not since Brad Pitt asked the question, "What are they biting on?" has the fly fishing industry had such lofty news!   The Wall Street Journal has declared a new renaissance for the quiet sport.  It just might be getting a little more crowded on the water.

"Fly-fishing has been growing at an annual rate of nearly 3 percent, says the 2019 Outdoor Foundation report. And since Covid-19, local fishing has picked up. Between January and the end of August this year, for example, Connecticut saw a 6 percent increase in purchases of trout-and-salmon stamps, which tend to be more closely correlated with fly-fishing. New York State saw a 15 percent uptick in fishing licenses over a similar period. A wide variety of fish, including carp, northern pike and Amazonian peacock bass, are now deemed worthy of a fly-fisher’s attention, and additional techniques and tools have been devised to hook, land and safely release them."

They even mention a few well-known fly fishing personalities including April Vokey.  

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