Wednesday, July 24, 2019

#WednesdayWisdom: Captain Gordon Churchill on Reds and Numbers

"Red fishing with a fly rod is not a numbers game. Yes there will come a time when you get a school penned up in a creek somewhere and catch a dozen or more. That happens. Not a lot however. Mostly it's a game of one here and another there. Lure anglers and bait guys won't understand what you're so excited about when you tell them about the tailer you saw on the grass flat, that you casted a small shrimp fly to and it ate and took off. They'll ask you how many you caught. You'll say that was the only one and they will look at you funny. It's all good. Fly fishing is about the how, not the how many." - Gordon Churchill

PS.  I've known Gordon for several years and his fly fishing knowledge definitely qualifies as #WednesdayWisdom. Get his insights in his book which is available via Amazon  or reach out directly to him via twitter @captgordon or at his blog 

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