Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Urban Fishing

The picture above is the pond at the apartment where I live in Augusta, Ga.. I have moved from Nashville to Columbia, SC. and now I am in Georgia. ( The things we do to stay employed )

Last night I got my Hexigraph out of the tube for the first time in a year to try my luck at the apartment pond. ( The things we do to fish ) The woman that leased me the apartment said there were fish in the pond but had never caught one. My wife is still in Columbia and I was looking for a distraction, so I swallowed my pride and fished the pond. To my surprise, I could still tie on a fly and started trying to remember how to cast. To say I am a bit rusty is an understatement. On my fourth cast I caught a nice bluegill or bream as they say in the South. I fished for about 20 minutes and landed two large mouth bass. It was not exactly like fishing for trout in the Caney Fork, but it's a short walk to the pond. Now that you know what my fishing life has become, you probably understand why I haven't posted anything for some time. My friend Phil will keep you posted on the Caney and I will keep you posted on the pond. ( good grief)

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