Thursday, September 04, 2008

Do Fly Fishers Make Better Spouses?

It appears that during my recent Alaska vacation I have contracted some sort of no doubt rotting sockeye carcase bacteria that has had me confined to the bed most of today. My lovely wife has been busy taking care of her hacking and feverish husband who has been worthless for much of the week. I suppose my thankfulness for her attention caused me to notice this opinion piece in the Eufaula Tribune by Father David Shoemaker that suggests that the foundations of Marriage are found in the sport of fishing.

The first is to take your time. There have been many occasions when I have arrived at a stream and have been so overwhelmed with the excitement that I forgot half a dozen things I needed to do before I could actually start catching fish.

Everything - from scouting the stream for good spots, looking to see what insects are in the area, to proper casting - can fall by the wayside if you’re in too big of a hurry. And if you don’t do these things, your chances of catching fish are slim.

The same can be said for marriage. You need to take your time and do certain things to be properly prepared. In the Catholic Church we require a six-month period of preparation. This gives the couple time to look at important aspects of their relationship. It helps them to explore their expectations, beliefs and goals, which in turn helps them to truly be prepared to profess their vows on the wedding day.

It is worth a reading. I am just not sure I could wait six months for a fishing trip.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's different in the States but in the UK, fishing couldn't be a more notorious marriage-wrecker if it wore red stilletos, a blonde wig and answered to the name 'Trixie'.

The only solution is to be so woeful in all other areas of married life that your fishing excesses pale into insignificance; a theory to which I apply myself doggedly.

Murdock said...


Same issues here in the states. Here we call it getting a "kitchen pass".

Check out the link for more.