Friday, March 23, 2018

Undercover Fly Shop Visit: Beaver's Bend Fly Shop

Beaver's Bend Fly Shop - Small but stocked

As a Colorado ex-patriot now residing in Texas, I've been anxious to try out some new fishing locations. Our church's men's group and I recently made the trek to check out the Lower Mountain Fork tail water fishery located near Broken Bow, Oklahoma and inside Beaver's Bend State Park. Unfortunately, recent rains had turned the river into a raging torrent that severely limited fishing access. Especially for a large men's group. 

Having some time on my hands, I took the opportunity to sneak into  Beaver's Bend Fly Shop to do an undercover fly shop visit.  Here are a few photo's I managed to snap without getting kicked out.

Despite the weather the shop was hopping.  It seems anglers like to hang out in fly shops.  Go figure.

Plenty of terminal tackle and a full selection of Rio lines and leaders.

Great Sign

Judging from the bobbers on the power line, A lot of bait gets fished here.. 

The lady behind the counter (and everyone we met in the shop)  was very friendly and helpful.  She got me and our group fixed up with a fishing license and gave me some pointers on where to try while the water was high.  This is the place to stop when visiting Beaver's Bend.  As far as the fishing goes, I managed to chuck and duck a large, heavy, fly up under a bridge piling and hook up with a nice rainbow.   However, my 6x tippet couldn't handle the strain (meaning I tried to horse him in) and he got off right at the bank. 

 I bought a full year non-resident license, some flies, and a hat, and will most certainly make the three hour trek back to Oklahoma to fish here again.  Hopefully when the water levels are lower.

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