Monday, October 30, 2017

Undercover Shop Visit: Filson Edition

Upon learning that Seattle, Washington based Filson opened up a store just down the street from the FlyfishMagazine HQ, I really couldn't help dropping by and snapping a few pictures inside the newly opened temple to tincloth and flannel.  The new shop is located in the upscale Legacy West area of Plano, TX.  In the same vein as our "Undercover Fly Shop visits", we kept our presence under wraps and luckily didn't get shown the door by security.

The Rustic Exterior

Lots of wood, antlers, and even a pair of original Filson Pants add to the decor.

The clothes are nice but the luggage / packs are awesome.

The location seemed to carry a fairly complete representation of the Filson line of products including clothing, luggage, hats and packs.  Service was excellent with a staff member making sure I got a look at all the fishing related offerings.

The thing to know about Filson is, that while you will pay a premium for their gear, (their simplest fly fishing vest is $225), the products are so well made that you will probably never have to purchase it again in this, or possibly even your grandchildren's, lifetimes.  About eight years ago Filson sent me a fly fishing bag.  I have carried it all over the country and it remains so new looking that it makes me worry that folks will think I am some sort of yuppie who never gets his line in the water.  I didn't make a purchase today, but I do have my eye on a $45 ball cap should I ever find myself in the store without The Editorial Trophy Wife in tow.

Friday, October 20, 2017

#FoundattheAuction: To Grant, From Lee

Photo: Lang's Auction House
Lang's Auction House has an interesting and fishing related item coming up in their upcoming sale.  This William H. Bradley new and improved fishing reel that was reportedly a post war gift from Confederate General Robert E. Lee to then President Grant.  The inscription tells the tale.

"To Grant From Lee for Bravery - In Vicksburg Rabbit was your Dish - This Reel for you to Feed on Fish."

 Here is the link to the full description of the item.  In these divisive times, It's interesting to me to see a a picture of the two former foes sitting in the White House telling stories of war and fishing.  The auction estimate is between $3,000 and $5,000.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

#Trollpoll Guided or Solo?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Video: EPA Reverses Bristol Bay Salmon Protections

That Pebble Mine thing we all got so involved with a few years ago? It's back and it's bad...  I have no idea how even a casual sportsman could support this in any way.  If you have forgotten, feel free to review our previous coverage.  If you haven't visited the Bristol Bay area of Alaska you might want to do it quickly.