Monday, July 31, 2017

REWA Lodge - Arapaima on the Fly

The Arapaima is the world's largest scaled fresh water fish and can range in weight from 150 to 400 pounds. It can grow to over 9 feet in length.  The people of Rewa Village in Guyana have partnered with a group of anglers to use catch and release fly fishing to support their village and protect this endangered species.  Villagers, who once had to travel long distances to find work in mines, are now able to provide for their families via this fishery.

Situated about a day's journey from the USA, Rewa Eco Lodge offers anglers the opportunity to stalk these behemoth sized fish on fourteen weight rods and large flies that imitate peacock bass. The fish live in local rivers but seem most likely to "eat" when fished for in jungle ponds. Getting to the ponds involves a bit of effort. Local guides have to hack through vegetation to haul in the boats anglers use to get a shot at one of these beasts.

Outside TV Features is running a new film which tells the story of this effort:  "Rewa: Conservation through Fly Fishing."  Outside TV Features (not to be confused with the cable TV network) is a digital app with content aimed at outdoor pursuits.

Before you start tying giant peacock bass flies, check out more videos about Arapaima on the fly and Rewa Village by following  this link.

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