Thursday, June 01, 2017

Interesting Hemingway Letter up for Auction

I ran across this very intriguing Ernest Hemingway letter coming up for auction on June 3rd.  I found the content related to the over harvest (harpooning  yikes!) of broad bill swordfish to be fascinating.

"Suppose you saw what I wrote Mrs. [Oliver C.] Grinnell about the broadbill harpooning and that's why you sent the clipping….Listen, kid, I had not seen one single comment on C. B. Millers speech when [I] wrote Mrs. G. nor have seen any. We don't get columns here. Sorry he ratted on you. That was lousy. I have no ax (sic) to grind in this, except possibly that have found plenty of pro fishermen as good or better fellows than amateurs'...

When they are thick they are cheap. When they are scarce they bring plenty in from outside but why not tax the imported fish and not throw even 1200 good sword fishermen out of work so rich pricks can pass baits to them….I am for making a living and for sport for the rich man and the poor man, and especially the poor man and against all class legislation. It is better that every rich man should have to go up to New Brunswick and learn to cast a salmon fly properly and pay for his fishing or rent a good trout stream or go out and find new ocean fishing (there is a world of it to fish) than that one single poor man should be deprived of the livelihood that the sea has brought and that he has learned to take since over a hundred years. That's where I stand'."

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