Monday, October 17, 2016

Searching Wikileaks: Fly Fishing Edition

We decided to risk ending up on a list somewhere to search the Wikileaks website for the term "fly fishing".

The results? 122 items with the words.  A bit of spam, a few resumes (interests include fly fishing..) as well as mentions of Dick Chaney and even Henry Kissinger.  Also there is an interesting diplomatic cable that talks about issues facing the Mongolian taimen fishery. 

One item that definitely caught our eye was an email that discussed a Patagonian hydro-electric project.  Specifically the following quote: 

Pinera wants to sell the idea to the poor that HidroAysen will lower
energy costs," Navia said. "The immediate effect of destroying Aysen
is not that evident because theya're not users," he said, referring to
lower earners. "It's not like theya're going to miss fly fishing."

Do some digging of your own and let us know if you find anything good.  Here is the link.


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Zak Waldrop said...

Wow you guys are quite impressive!