Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Interesting Read: When you shouldn't support your local fly shop.

In a recent article in The Coloradoan, Dave Coulson talks about when you should (and shouldn't) support  your local fly shop.  Man bites dog, now that is news! 

"the biggest reason a shop will lose my business is service. Do I feel welcome and are my dollars appreciated? For example, my daughter visited an area shop to purchase a gift certificate for me. Several minutes after entering the shop, she’d not been served or addressed, whereas a couple of older gentlemen entering the shop after her were greeted and served."

I still have a couple of shops who's doors I won't darken (or can't because they are gone) related to service I got when I was just a poor kid getting into the sport.    I also have a few that I absolutely enjoy buying from!

Should you ever skip the local shop?  Discuss....

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