Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Media quote of the day: Parrot Head Edition

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Forbes has a good read about angler Paul Dixon and fishing in Jimmy Buffet's back yard.

"There is a good flat right in front of Jimmy Buffett’s house. I have known and fished with Jimmy for over 20 years. Last year I was poling the “Margarita” flat with an old guy that had booked a day. It was just about lunchtime. I saw Jimmy walking down his dock. He waved hello and sat down on the dock as we poled over. I introduced my client to Jimmy and we broke out the sandwiches. We had this wonderful time shooting the sh*t, telling fish stories with Jimmy Buffett on his dock. We said our goodbyes and, as we are puttering away, the client looked at me and said: “Jimmy Buffett…is that Warren Buffett’s son?”"

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