Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apps for Anglers: The Fin

The Fin App is now live and available in the itunes store. Chances are, if you are an angler, you like to take pictures of your catch and taunt share them with your fishing buddies. The Fin is a photo sharing app that allows you to post your photos direct from your smart phone and easily share them on both the app and other social media outlets.

I've been beta testing the app for a few weeks now and can say that, aside from the features you've come to expect from a photo sharing app, the real beauty of The Fin is that it gives you an instant connection to a ready made community of like minded anglers from around the world. Think of it as a virtual fishing club of sorts. A club well worth the nominal dues.

Editor's Note: Around 12-13 years ago I remember our buddy Zugbug writing a fly fishing sci-fi article for our club newsletter. The story was about fishermen using their PDA's to post pictures of their catch directly to the web while standing streamside. I seem to remember his story including selling the fish on ebay as well but for them most part he may well be the Gene Rodenberry of the fly fishing internet world. But I digress...

Jason Puris, the man behind the code, described his creation for us:

"The Fin is a social photosharing APP for fishermen. It allows users toshare photos with The Fin community and distribute them on popularsocial networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. The Fin userscan also find, follow and invite friends to the APP, comment on and like photos, and add fishing spots as "check in" points. Join the Fin today to chronicle your adventures on the water and help build this incredible fishing community!" We're starting out on the iPhone today but will be launching on Droidin the months to come (hopefully not too long as we're getting tons of requests)


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