Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Worries

What does Denver fly fishing retailer,Trout's Fly Fishing, think of Cabela's impending entry into the market? Read about it in their recent press release.

With 2 stores slated to open in 2013 in the Denver area, it is a given that Cabela’s will have a noticeable presence to businesses and consumers alike. “It is up to each individual business to decide how to react in situations like these, and I can understand how some may be fearful of what this brand will do to the local fly shop base” adds Ladd. “Yet this is not the first time Cabela’s has looked at the Denver area for a new storefront, and we have been actively planning for this inevitable event for years now. We feel we have a strong brand presence in Colorado, and I am comfortable that the level of expertise, quality customer service and amazing product selection we offer will only further our goal of being the premier fly-fishing resource in the area. Trout’s is a Denver and Colorado brand through and through, and we trust that this change will only make us stronger and more relevant to the local fly fishing


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