Monday, October 17, 2011

I have wallet pics of my oars

You know how annoying it is when you just meet someone and they whip out their iPhone and show you tons of photos of their kids, wife, dog and house? Well, now I'm THAT GUY. Only, I'm showing pictures of my oars. I can't help it. They're psychedelic.

After saving up for forever, my adoring husband finally let me pull the trigger on these tie-dye wrapped Sawyer MX-F composite shafts with Cataract Magnum II blades. The shafts are made with lightweight fiberglass and fiberglass/graphite composite tubes in a just-right balance of weight, flex, strength and durability. And the blades are made of high-density structural urethane and a composite core for moderate flex and super strength. The svelte cross-section is a water-dicer.

It's a great combo, and they look dang slick on our 143D Aire raft and NRS rowing frame, and I can't help showing them off. But I promise, when I get a new boat anchor or cooler, I won't make you look at pictures.

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