Monday, August 29, 2011

The Gloved One

It's that time of year again...the time when people start cringing and commenting when they see my hands. Yes, I'm hideous. Look away. My fisherman's hands make sense considering the activity--cracked from wind and water, grooved from stripping, scabbed from mosquito bites, rough from grip-n-grin, hookjabbed, peeling from sunburn, claw-shaped, calloused and cramped from casting. Super sexy. You know what I'm talking about--just look at your own nasty hands. Yikes, right?! What doesn't make sense is that I wait until the end of the summer to address the issue. With my hands at their worst, I finally put on my fabulous Buff, Inc. Pro Series gloves while shooting and episode of Trout TV on the lower Big Hole River in Twin Bridges, Montana a couple of weeks ago.

They are amazing, and I always find instant relief, especially with my hand cramping, since the accordion finger grip provides more surface area which means less hand energy is lost by gripping the flyrod. However, this glove is a whole 'lotta glove. I realize that while everyone should have a pair, they might be too warm and more glove than is necessary for people proactive (smart) enough to wear gloves throughout the season for everyday fishing or watersports.

So, imagine my stoke when my coworker Sammi went to IFTD and brought me back two pair of Buff Sport Series Water Gloves to test on Trout TV.

Here's Kate from Buff high-fiving with Sammi at IFTD.

At a lower price point ($27 MRSP) Buff, Inc. says these lighter water gloves “help anglers stay protected from damaging UV rays, fatigue and general wear and tear associated with poling. Power Stretch fabric keeps hands comfortable and protected by deflecting UV rays from the sun and reflective water.”

Um,, I don't pole. But still. More research reveals it's truly made for any water sport, including paddling and rowing. Here are more features of the Buff Sport Series Water Gloves:

  • UPF 50+ ultimate UNV protection
  • Brethable and durable stretch fabric
  • Naturally contours to your hand
  • We/dry silicone grip palm
  • Longer cuff for UV protection
  • Easy-on wrist pull
  • Easy-off finger-tip pull

I'm excited about them because while I do love the Pro Series Gloves, I feel like something lighter and more acceptable for everyday (yes, I love the solar orange color every day) is the simple ticket to protecting my hands earlier in the season and keeping my skin healthier longer. And, I am planning a trip to Andros South early December, so I'm excited to put the Buff Sport Series Water Gloves to the test on the flats. Of course, no matter how great they are, my career as a hand-model is not promising.

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