Friday, April 22, 2011

Contest: Design Your Dream Fishing App

Montana Fly Company is running a contest that rewards the creative mind that comes up with the ultimate fishing app for your favorite smart phone. You can win some fish skin for your hip. Check out their blog for details:

Here are a few examples of new apps that we think would be awesome before, during and after a fishing trip.
1. An app that knows if you’ve forgotten something like your cooler, rod or waders.
2. An app that will create a slideshow of your fishy grin n’ grip pics and display them like a projector on the back wall at the local bar.
So get after it! What app would you like to see in your wildest dreams? The best one (we judge) is the winner!


Anonymous said...

How about a app that is creative for you and thinks of ideas to make lots money for ME.

Murdock said...

maybe you should just send your ideas to me ;)