Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, there's a huge snafu in the fishing industry--it's fishin' vs. fashion.

We all know that fly-tying hackle is beautiful. The problem is, it's apparently too beautiful. So much so that fashionistas in the hair styling industry have taken notice....and taken over! We just got word that Montana Fly Company can't order and receive ANY additional grizzly variant saddle hackle for its fly tyers until 2012! (Good thing they already have enough to fill their current orders for 2011.) We've done our homework and called around to a bunch of fly shops, and it seems coif aficionados all across the country are flocking to fly shops and buying up the nation's supply of that gorgeous saddle hackle to make hair accessories.

Colorful, beautiful hair extensions of a variety of shades are popping up on the trendy heads of women across the country. Woven into human hair, just like other extensions, bright grizzly saddle hackle is the next big thing for beauty buffs, causing a supply shortage for fly shops. So fly tyers, get to your favorite fly shop and stock up before the hair hipsters beat you to it.

You can see plenty of evidence of the hype online--The Feather Emporiums website is just one of many my coworker Sammi found when she Googled this phenomenon. Pretty fancy. The folks at recently posted a few funny pics of their own rendition of Fashion Feathers on their forum. Fashion Feathers, or “Featherlocks” have taken on a new look in fly shops—they call this the “partridge mullet.”

Honestly, I love the saddle hackle look. A booth at the Snowsports Industries of Americas trade show last month was weaving these in women's hair for free, and I stood in line for a while to get it done. (Then, I got distracted by other shiny objects and wandered off...)

Soooo...ladies, enjoy your locks, but you might want to watch your six. There could be a fisherman poised to tackle for your hackle.


Mysticfish said...

Crazy stuff. I think fly fishers may have to go trolling popular nightlife spots with a pair of scissors.

Jason P said...

Now that's funny!!

Anonymous said...

..."This too shall pass...." ;)


d. nash said...

That can't be her natural color.

teachrtec said...


Anonymous said...

I think I'll just wait until the wife gets tired of them and use them myself. Let her pay for them.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit this, but I had a grizzly saddle that I picked up at an outdoor show several years ago for probably 20 or 30 bucks, it sold on ebay for "buy it now" within 2 minutes of me listing it,for 225.00.

Murdock said...


Now you have me thinking about looking through my necks to see what I can do without. LOL