Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fly Fishing Show

The Fly Fishing Show took root in Somerset, NJ this weekend. By my usual measure of success (How far from the door I have to park arriving at 10 AM on Sunday) this year must have been a rousing success for Chuck Furmsky as I hiked what seemed to be a quarter of a mile from my truck to the front door.

Many of the vendors I spoke with indicated that Somerset was the one show where they could count on selling enough to break even. Many of the exhibitors had excellent "Show" deals while prices for non close out type items were what you would expect to see at your local fly shop. Of course the real fun of these sort of things is prowling through the 50% of bins.

I'm not saying how much I spent or what I bought just yet but I will say that before I came home, I drove a half hour out of the way to a newly discovered Krispy Kreme to bring some Southen "non-Dunkin" donuts for the Editorial Trophy Wife. They might keep me out of the doghouse...

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