Sunday, October 31, 2010

Invasives: If you can't beat em... eat em...

photo via Wikipedia

A quote from a recent article via about increased Lionfish numbers off of the coast of Jamaica:

"Agriculture and Fisheries minister Christopher Tufton is already leading an aggressive public education campaign to get Jamaicans eating lionfish. Television programmes, videos of high-profile locals like Prime Minister Bruce Golding enjoying meals of lionfish, and some of the hotel industry's most decorated chefs preparing what Tufton describes as "good food" are broadcast regularly. Tufton believes that Jamaicans can eat their way out of the lionfish problem. "I believe the way to control the lionfish is to promote its consumption. We are going to bring in chefs who know how to prepare them and we are going to eat them," Tufton said at the start of the campaign."

No word yet on how they taste with a nice jerk sauce and a Red Stripe...

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