Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Guess Where?

While Hilary is out in Denver covering the IFTD show, no doubt drinking free and gathering up wheelbarrows of schwag, the Editorial Trophy Wife and I decided to take a fly fishing related trip of our own. Here are a few hints to help you figure out where we are hiding out:

1. It's in Vermont (That should narrow it down for you)

2. The town is home to an American Museum and a major retailer / mail order company's flagship store, outlet, & school all related to, "the quiet sport."

3. It's not far from that same Major retailer / mail order company's corporate office.

4. The sidewalks here are paved with Marble.

5. Tomorrow we will be sneaking into aforesaid major retailer / mail order company, and purveyor of fly fishing gear's corporate compound and will be bringing our readers some exclusive dirt content.

Bragging rights to whoever can guess our location...


James said...

Bainbridge Island?

FoulHooked said...
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FoulHooked said...

just bragging rights? hardly worth it. if we get some more rain maybe you can even fish. nice mexican place down in bennington; worth a stop. have fun. don't let her break the bank at the other outlets. some O-bucks to use...might have to take a drive soon too.

Murdock said...

FoulHooked, You nailed it.

James You should get out more. See you soon.

Pete McD said...

What's the quiet sport? Croquet? Your clues are too vague.

Murdock said...


If I said Fly Fishing it would have been too easy. Besides if no one is around to hear you curse when you miss a fish it's still quiet isn't it?