Monday, June 21, 2010

Guess Who's Not Going To Get A Tip....

UPDATE - According to the, the team was disqualified.

Forget being a good law abiding citizen and all that...forgetting to buy your fishing license could cost you big time...

The Charlotte Observer reports that one angler might be out almost a million dollars because a mate on his boat failed to buy the North Carolina Recreational Salt Water Fishing License.

A record-setting blue marlin that would have won almost $1 million in last week's Big Rock was on the verge of disqualification today as tournament officials investigated whether one of the boat's hired crewmen failed to purchase a license.

Andy Thomasson, hauled in the record-setting 883-pound blue marlin aboard the Hatteras-based Citation last Monday, the first day of the week long tournament. He waited all week for a bigger fish to be caught. None was, and the Citation claimed $912,825 in prize money.

But there was no presentation during Saturday's awards banquet and Sunday morning, the Big Rock released this cryptic statement: "The Big Rock board of directors withheld presentation of blue marlin prize money until an alleged rules violation by the top team has been totally researched and a decision made regarding this alleged violation."


Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I fished on the coasts. When did the fed permit the states to require a state fishing license to fish the oceans?

Capt Gordon said...

We have had a sw fishing license here in NC for a few years now. Feds had nothing to do with hit.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that states couldn't require a fishing license because the ocean is federal property.

It's like with the oil spill. That states can't do anything off shore. They have to wait until the oil is on the beach for it to become a state issue.

I guess in one of those 2000 page bills, the states were permitted to bilk more out of the people.