Friday, April 16, 2010

Perhaps the Perfect Fly Pack!

Maybe it's a girl thing, but it seems I'm always in search of the perfect fly pack. In the same way most women switch their purses around to reflect seasons, activities and moods, I am constantly moving fishing gear back and forth between various front-packs, hip-packs, vests and lanyards.

That may be changing, though, and it's no thanks to traditional fishing gear brands. I think I found the perfect setup. A friend of mine, Eric Miesch at Salomon Sports down in Ogden, UT, suggested that I follow his lead in converting two of the Salomon Adventure Race packs into one dynamo fly pack.

Salomon has what's called the Salomon Custom System. The system is an ala carte of pack accessories like bottle holders, flasks holders and extra pockets. The idea is to "reinvent your bag for every trail run." Maybe they didn't intend that it be reinvented for the perfect nymph run, but they should take credit for it, because it's awesome.

So, I decided to add Salomon's Custom Front Pocket to my Salomon XA 25 Waterproof backpack. The backpack is awesome, because it's waterpoof, so my extra layer of clothing and chocolate-chip cookies can stay dry. And the custom front pocket just snaps on and off as I need it.
I love it. And it brings out my eyes.

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