Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gyoko Band

Gyoko is a Japanese Music group trying to promote the eating of fish to the youth of Japan. It seems their taste for Bluefin and Blubber isn't keeping pace with prior generations and Goyoko sings about the joys of fish in an attempt to boost demand.

An article in the Wall Street Journal spells it out.

"I love fishing, but I hate eating fish," he said, as he hung out with friends in Tokyo's fashionable Harajuku neighborhood. "They smell fishy, and I don't like their bones."

Sounds like their may just be an opportunity for conservation.

**Update - Our man on the ground in Japan, Jason Murdock, provides a culture lesson in the comments to this post. Jason is my Cousin and is one of the American Hero's who protect and serve from our military bases overseas.

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Jason Murdock said...

Crazy eh. Everything is changin here in Japan. With the Outdated Ie (ee-eh) family system still being used in most farmer and fish villages, many of the younger generation of men are importing wives from other countries like the Phillipines and China. This is due to the large amount of Japanese women moving from the country into the city to seek a ... See Morebetter life/culture style. Much of the culture in the country is reminicent of life a hundred years ago in Japan when women were, well insignificant. The imported wives are happy to work the fields and provide children to their husband in return for the better life in Japan compared to the 3rd world conditions which they came from. An average Japanese couple in Japan only has 1.5 children which is leading to a rapidly depleting population. Most of this is due to their insane 24 hour lifestyle which doesn't foster children. The gov't is paying substantial sums of money to couples with children monthly to encourage child birth.
That is your Japanese Culture lesson of the day.