Saturday, February 20, 2010

NC MFC can't see the forest...

... due to all the trees wearing rubber boots that keep jumping up in their faces. The Marine Fisheries Commision voted 5-2 AGAINST the gill net ban proposal that the Director of DMF, Dr Louis Daniel, had put out there. This will open up a whole can of whoop ass on NC commercial fishing. The gill netters have been catching turtles for years and not reporting, the state faces a lawsuit from turtle protection people, the Endangered Species Act mandates that the state do something about it. Dr Daniels proposes closing gill net fishing from May to December as something to placate the federal regulators. The commission votes it down. Can you see where this is headed? Don't be surprised if the National Marine Fisheries Service comes in to NC, takes over management of our fisheries and SHUTS DOWN all flounder and/or gill net fishing entirely. Way to be short sighted people. You've made your bed, now go cut down the trees...or something like that.
Capt. Gordon

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