Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quote of the week: Free as price point

The December 2009 issue of Angling Trade Magazine provides a review of Chris Anderson's book, "Free, the future of a radical price" and how it relates to the fly fishing industry. It gives us our most recent quote of the week:

"Which gets us to fly fishing… where
we’re still hanging no trespassing
signs on rivers and charging rod fees
to fish, then wondering why the sport
doesn’t grow. And we’re still assuming
that people will pay to read how
to tie a blood knot, or fish a streamer.
And the hot free deal in many shops
is getting a “baker’s dozen” 13 flies
for the price of 12. Wow."

To get the context check out the entire review on the Angling Trade Magazine website. The magazine also has an excellent editorial by Kirk Deeter.


John Besmer said...

Free is an easy concept to understand, but a tough one to commit to. Free is critical, though, to bringing new people, especially kids, into fishing and outdoor sports in general. Kids already fish free (here in Wisconsin anyway), but they don't necessarily have access, gear, and, just as important, knowledge. How do they get it? There's a good chance mom and dad don't know. It's up to manufacturers, retailers, and fishermen to provide it. Anything that we provide for free now will pay dividends down the line. Especially if what we're providing is time to get new fishermen introduced to our sport!

Murdock said...


It's a novel concept but I thought it made sense overall If people don't have places to fish then it's hard to sell high end gear. Also how much low end gear acts as a gateway drug. I wouldn't own a helios today if I hadn't picked up the Eagle Claw many years ago...