Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heaven in High Water

I'm told it was a colder-than-normal November here in Patagonia, southern Argentina, which slowed down the end of the spring run-off. And it's been warm and sunny for the past week, so the rivers have suddenly gone up quite a bit. They're pretty clear, but high. Since we're at the base of the mountains, we can actually see the run-off happening in the form of long, plunging waterfalls. The high water added a bit of a challenge, but wasn't at all discouraging. We had a wonderful day chuckin' new MFC streamer patterns like Weise's Love Bunny and Yost's Hot Ass Sculpin. I've never thrown streamers for eight hours non-stop before. Right now I am typing with my left hand only, because my entire right arm hates me. We caught some really nice big rainbows and browns, but we also missed a lot because we got too excited watching the beasts chase tail, and ended up yanking the bunnies way too early. Today we'll be fishing a more technical river, and our amazing Argentine guide and fishing program manager here at Murmullos Lodge, Nico, says we'll be changing flies a lot more often. "I am going to ask you to use your brains," he said. Okey doke then. Hilary

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