Monday, November 09, 2009

Hells Bay Skate-skinny,sexy and affordable

The Skate; a small, rugged shallow water performer
At 12 ft. - 9 inches in length with a 45 inch beam, the Skate, Hell's Bay's smallest craft is made with tough Kevlar and weighs just 250 lbs. Its draft is a mere 3 ½ inches with engine and six gallons of fuel. Hell's Bay recommends a 9.9 or 15 hp two stroke tiller-steered outboard for power.

"It's light and it's versatile," said Hell's Bay boat designer and sales director Tom Gordon. "Beyond using it as a fishing tender on a yacht it can also be used for extreme shallow water fishing and as a hunting boat.

"The Skate can even be loaded into the back of a pickup truck if needed. It can also be useful in restricted no combustion motor zones where an electric trolling motor is allowed. Duck hunters will love it," added Gordon.

This is on my Xmas list. Should work well for carp, small ponds and skinny water found anywhere. I have always been a fan of these premier boats. Check it out at Capt. Paul

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Anonymous said...

Would like to see it a little wider.