Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things I Really Like Week: Personal Pontoon Boats

For my second post of "Things I Really Like Week" I have chosen the personal pontoon boat. Mine is a Waterskeeter (and no the pontoons are not pink as some have suggested) but rather are burgundy. I spent less than $400 on this boat that basically fits into a duffel bag (a very large one mind you) and allows me to fish everything from tail races to still water.
The boat can go from fully disassembled to ready to fish in 15 minutes. It comes with two storage packs that hook and loop to the tubes, a rod holder, an adequate anchor system and a place for a small cooler. Once assembled, I can hoist the whole thing onto my back and carry it down to the river.
The boat handles like a dream in both still and moving water. Mine is more of a low water boat but I once got caught on a tail water with the several generators open and inadvertently took her through, what in my mind was, at least a class three rapid. I distinctly remember the view I had during the ride, water, sky, water, rock wall, sky etc.... I wouldn't recommend it because I have seen one of these boats flipped, but I managed.
The ease of assembly, the small size, and the fun of having a stable watercraft that I can take just about anywhere makes my personal pontoon boat one of the "Things I Really Like."

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