Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I Really Like Week: Headgear

Today's selection for "Things I Really Like Week" is something that almost every angler has but few think about, unless of course you forget yours on a hot sunny day. For a follically challenged angler like myself there are a few things I can do without on the water, but a good hat isn't one of them.

Aside from keeping my scalp from shedding its skin like a dried out serpent, a good hat is essential for keeping you cool or warm depending on the season. A good piece of head wear keeps the glare out of your eyes and allows your sunglasses to work better. The bill of a ball cap can even save you from the occasional fly embedded in the nose.

A good piece of head wear can make a break an angler's cred in the eyes his fellow fishers. For instance, I might wear a Indiana Jones style fedora on the water if the Editorial Trophy Wife would allow it, but she tells me the ball cap suits me better. I am a definitely a low profile guy and a few of my favorites on and off the water are my well worn Reel Pure glare proof lid and my UNC Tarheels cap. Both garner a lot of comments now that we have moved North of the Mason Dixon Line. The UNC logo says I can't wait for round ball season and the solo fly logo on the Reel Pure lid marks me as an unrepentant fly angler.

As you can tell from the stacks of them that I own. Fishing hats are one of the many things I really like.

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