Monday, September 21, 2009

Hardcore Kayak Invitational: October 3rd, 2009

Our friends from the Hardcore Kayak Fishing Team are having their first annual Hardcore Kayak Fishing tournament on Lake Wylie, October 3rd. With 28 anglers competing in the tourney, which is sponsored by The Great Outdoor Provision Company, it is sure to be a competitive event.
1st Annual Hardcore Invitational Kayak Fishing Tournament is ON. Tournament is Oct. 3rd and will be held rain or shine, north end of Lake Wylie on the beautiful Catawba River. Launch will be at 7:00 am. We will launch and have "weigh-in" and prizes at "Bobby`s" beside the Hwy 27 bridge in Mt. Holly. $2 launch fee per angler. Tourney will run until 1:00 pm. This is a CPR (catch, photo, release) artificial only, 5 bass limit tournament.
Entry is $35 per angler with 100% of the proceeds donated to the Mt. Island Wildlife Stewards. This is the first kayak fishing tournament in the Charlotte area . Invitations extended to Hardcore Kayak Fishing Team members and affiliates, fishermen from, and some special invitations such as media, NC Wildlife Federation anglers and Great Outdoor Provision Co. fishing team members. We are trying to keep it limited to 25-30 anglers.
The Hardcore boys are true to form, even when it comes to big time fishing tournaments, making us wish we were still within a weekend drive of this excellent event . For example:
We are not a kayak/outdoor retailer with the ability to "schmooze" factory reps. We are not (nor will we ever become) a big, recruiting, "pay $25 and get your T-shirt" type organization. We are only trying to help in our area and have absolutely nothing to gain.

For 10 years kayaking has been the fastest growing outdoor sport in the country. It is still fairly pure and affords us a sense of community. Let`s get together and enjoy what kayak fishing is today.
The following spells out their excellent way of thinking:

"Let`s think about it`s roots and consider how to keep it pure.
Remember Nascar started with a bunch of good ole boys running shine. There is a
revolution going on in fishing and we are the insurgents. "