Thursday, September 03, 2009

Guest Blogger: Hilary Hutcheson

Industry types attending this year's Fly Fishing Retailer show in Denver, CO might just get a bit of a surprise when FlyFishMagazine shows up on their door step. This year instead of ruffians like Jay Moore and myself, FlyfishMagazine will be represented by a much more talented journalist.
We are pleased to announce that Hilary Hutcheson, PR Director for Outside Media will be our eyes and ears on the show floor. Look for posts from Hilary for the duration of the show about everything from new gear to industry scuttlebutt. We will also be closely monitoring the amount of schwag and free drinks that Hilary racks up and comparing it to our take from previous shows. Be forewarned, if she snags more than two middle aged balding guys we are fully prepared to have our corporate counsel draft a strongly worded letter.

Stay tuned for Hilary's unique view from the show floor during this year's Fly Fishing Retailer Show.



Gordon and I would have been better choices. Capt Paul

Hilary said...

...and I do speak "ruffian."