Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chopper gets all buggy-eyed at the Smith Optics booth at FlyFishing Retailer

So, Chopper at Smith keeps trying to get me to wear those big girly fancy glasses...and I vow to the second I get a small dog and blinged-out handbag. For now, I'm stoked on Smith's Evolve collection. The Evolve collection features frames made with Rislan Clear--a renewable, non-genetically modified castor plant material. And, of course, all fisherman should dig the Smith Polarchromic Ignitor lense. Chopper says Smith pros have spent countless hours on the water to improve the rosy tint that maximizes color and depth perception. I believe him. Holler from FFR, Hilary
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Hilary said...

I have fat thumbs. That's why when I post from my blackberry, you'll see some typos. Like me saying "fisherman" instead of "fishermen" in the post above. Sheesh.
Fat thumbs are good for cork grip at least. HH