Wednesday, August 19, 2009

News: Fluke Sashimi = hot water for boat Captains

Two Montauk based party boat Captains were issued 53 citations (and not the good kind of citations) for " assisting party boat passengers to illegally catch and consume fluke

Via The North Country Gazette:

On Aug. 9, four plainsclothes officers (two per vessel) boarded the boats and documented that customers were filleting fluke on board, failing to keep fluke racks, keeping undersized fluke and keeping over the limit fluke. Officers observed customers eating raw fillets while the trip was ongoing — and that they were being advised by vessel personnel to dispose of undersized fish and to hide illegal fillets.

A total of 53 summons were issued, including tickets to the mates and captains of each vessel. All charges are violations and carry a penalty of up to $250 per violation. More than 60 fluke were seized as part of the investigation.

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