Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Hey Papa, What's for Dinner?"

Papa's Key West Office Space - Photo

A $12,500 cashiers check payable to Kenneth W. Rendell Inc. gets you four manuscripts relating to Ernest Hemingway, one of which gives us insight into the diet of the famous author:

"In case you hear they want an intimate what eats, pleasures, dis-likes angle this may save time. Technical crap of the non-intellectual type that people ask: What does he eat: When driving cross-country breakfasting in a lunch counter: A ham and egg sandwich with a slice of raw onion and a cup of coffee with milk. At home: bacon and one egg with tea and fruit juice. Or kippers tea and fruit juice or when he thinks he can afford it maqueau vin blanc tea and fruit juice. Can eat the same breakfast for a week or ten days then likes to switch. Loves good food but would rather eat a single sandwich anytime than a mediocre meal. Stern disciplinarian on the amount he eats when he believes he is not getting sufficient excercise. Usually eats one full meal a day. Loves all good cooking especially French and some parts of Italy but thinks the chinese cooking is best of all. Loves to eat game and fish and can live on them alone for months at a time. (Recall the cabin) Loves American cooking but needs lots of exercise to be able to eat it. Dislikes: Parsnips, oat-meal, polenta. Loves: pie, ham and eggs, roast turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce, rare steaks and all meats. Also young green onions, radishes, raw turnips. Favourite vegetable artichoke. Cooks trout very well (I hope) Loves (for loves can use likes) chili-con carne, all Mexican dishes. When by himself will eat a bowl of chili, drink a bottle of red-wine and read with the meal. Put in Blacky.

Let us know if you buy them, we would enjoy a look.

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