Thursday, May 28, 2009

East Meets West: Tenkara Expert visits Catskills

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Tenkara, (think fly fishing sans reel) Sensi Dr. Hisao Ishigaki recently visited the United States and put on on casting seminar that "awed close to 50 participants, including one of the most recognized names of fly-casting, Joan Wulff."
Saturday’s event was a day when “East met West”, as participants witnessed the meeting of two giants in the world of fly-fishing, Dr. Ishigaki and Ms. Joan Wulff. Joan Wulff, one of the most recognized names in Western fly-fishing, tried her hand at casting with a tenkara rod, showing at once that tenkara fishing is no “cane-pole fishing”. She quickly adjusted to casting with a tenkara rod and formed a nice and tight loop, turning the line and fly over.
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