Sunday, May 17, 2009

Piscatorial Carpet Baggers Welcome

Jason Puris of fame dropped us a note about an article in his local paper.

New York Times reporter, Christopher Percy Collier spent some time fishing in the Old North State and even visited a few of our friends then gave up all the details in print.

As trout fishing destinations go, western North Carolina has long remained relatively unknown on a national level — and some contend this has been by design. “Locals used to be pretty tight-lipped about how good the fishing is,” said Kevin Howell, a guide and the owner of Davidson River Outfitters and a third-generation fly-tier.

He even managed to spill the beans about the National Park that we share with Tennessee. and Jackson County's Fly Fishing Trail. The article is well written and might remind you local boys and girls of a few places we probably take for granted.

***Update**** Don't follow the maps in the article. Fly fishing legend Hugh Koontz discovered that doing so might just lead you astray by 2500 miles. From his blog post on the subject:

My guess is that some copy editor daydreamed his way through the story, misnamed the fish and put the deceptive inset map with the article.Being a copy editor, I am not going to come down hard on the Times for those slips.It may not have been a slip. I’m thinking in the back of my mind, it was a trick, and that copy editor is probably casting dry flies now near my cabin.

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