Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Brownlining: Ever hear "fore" on your backcast? hereby officially advises bicycle helmets and Epinephrine syringes as additions to your fishing kit.

Letter to the Editor
An Open Letter to the Citizens of Mason and Visitors, from the Board of Directors, Ft. Mason Golf Association...

2) Citizens and visitors to the area are using the irrigation pond on the golf course for family recreation, including fishing. The water in the pond is not potable and could very well be dangerous to the health of anyone who consumes it or the fish that they may catch in it. Additionally, it is in the middle of an active golf course, so the danger from being struck by flying golf balls is very real. We encourage people to use the park for family recreation, and the Llano River, San Saba River, or Brady Lake for fishing.

To date no golfers have been injured


Mark said...

Wow...Ft Mason is not what you would call a metropolis either.

If I am anywhere near there I am on the Llano River.

Primalfly said...

Poaching golf course ponds comes with risks as such, I'm not sure what's worse, disgruntled grounds keepers or stray balls?

Down with the brown.