Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gear: Stealthy Shirts from Aqua Design

Weather they fish mountain streams or bonefish flats the serious angler will tell you that bright colored fishing clothes are great for photos in magazines but don't do very well when it comes to catch rates. Fish look up for predators and if they can make out your form against the sky they probably won't bite. That is why I like these camo fishing shirts from Aqua Design.

Solid colors are a problem if you want to be stealthy. To blend into nature, multi-colored patterns are always superior to a solid shade. That's why Aqua Design is the perfect solution for anglers that want to be camouflaged. Our one-of-a-kind underwater prints are actual photos taken from the fish's perspective. We call it "water on fabric." Get closer to those smart fish with stealthy camo.

Quest Fishing Shirt features a water-inspired pattern available in five natural color options and printed on 100% microfiber fabric. This material is fast-drying, wicks moisture from the skin and is extremely comfortable. Three chest bellows pockets hold small fly and tackle boxes, extra leaders and line, sunglasses, or a cellular phone. Double-stitched construction.

Available in colors from Sky Blue to Overcast from Aqua Design - MSRP $49.95


FoulHooked said...

Uhhhh...ok. Assuming you're not taking a swim, why would you want the camo pattern to be based on what the fish sees from underwater? If a fish looks up through the water column, that effect will be projected onto anything it sees that is above the waterline, corrct? So good old fasioned camo would look to a fish from below the surface like that shirt looks to me from above the surface.


I'd get one anyway just cause they look cool, but I don't have the fitty bones.

Murdock said...

Ummm. Ok Foulhooked thanks for bursting the coolness bubble on this one :), Your argument that projecting fisheye views on something that a fish already sees is most likely overkill holds weight.

I would say it's like flies that are tied to catch anglers more than catch fish.... said...

I have one of these shirts and love the design. I think the concept is wonderful. Hunters have used camo forever.

Rex | Aqua Design said...

If fish weren’t sensitive to color and patterns, I guess we’d all be tying gray-colored flies...

Read on:

FoulHooked said...

"If fish weren’t sensitive to color and patterns, I guess we’d all be tying gray-colored flies..."

Haha, that's great.

Camo is camo. Take a print based on looking up through the water's surface at foliage on a bright day, and use it when there is no sun...think it will match?

Standard camo print that more closely matches the foliage itself will likely provide a closer representation indiffernt of lighting or water conditions.

Or is that the point; now I have to buy 32 shirts to fish the same pool at different times of day during different seasons in different weather conditions?

Rex | Aqua Design said...

FoulHooked, the point is to make sure you leave that hot pink or bright yellow fishing outfit at home.

FoulHooked said...

Alright, I agree, and I really do like the look of (some of) your patterns too...i'm just waiting for you to convince me it's worth more than hunter's camo.

Murdock said...

Gotta say I like the look of them too. Truth be told anything that breaks up the human form is better than nothing in my humble opinion. These shirts just look darn good in the process. The ones designed for flats fishers are down right snazzy in my book.

Rex - thanks for joining the conversation too. Always great to see a responsive company.