Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wednesday Wally World Fly Tying Zen

Tonight I took a cue from our innovative, brownliner, fly tying friend over at Singlebarbed and took a detour to the local Wally World in search of fly tying paraphernalia.

The big score of the night had to be the $10 spool holder from the sewing aisle. It was a major bonus that it will almost fit the top of the fly tying desk perfectly.

I also managed to pick up:
  • Enough eyes for 40 flies (.97)
  • Four different color skeins (40 yards) of let's call it "hemp nymph body material" ($1.97)
  • Enough foam for a gazillion crease flies in every color imaginable ($4.97)
  • A massive package of large metallic plastic "lace" ribbing material that looks as if it would be great on big Czech nymphs or salt water flies alike (around $3.00).


dsflyfishing said...

Now that is what I'm talking about. Nice score. Thanks for the heads up... I've been avoiding walking in that place for fear I might be recognized and have my photo splashed across the blogoshpere.

I admire your bravery

KBarton10 said...

It didn't hurt much now did it?

All them gals in the aisles (especially the ones with blue hair) thought you cut quite the figure of a Man...

Hemp? I suppose if you picked an odd color and found no real use for it you could always smoke it.

You first.

Murdock said...


I figure the hemp flies could come in handy if you run into trouble on a brownline and need to trade with the natives for safe passage...

Pike fly-fishing articles said...

Your a man of my own heart,Mentioned a few weeks ago on my own blog about craft shops and the bargains that can be had from them. Must let you know that I have just dribbled all over my lap looking at that collection you picked up....thanks!