Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Makers/DIY: Backyard Wooden Drift Boat

While surfing the Southeast Fly Fishing Forum we had the good fortune to come across photos of this magnificent wooden drift boat built by Allen Dozier of Weddington, NC. We were afraid that it might be too pretty for actual use but Mr. Dozier, who goes by FlyVet on the forum, assures us that it is as tough as it is beautiful.

"Used teak for most of the boat, has a plascore honeycomb floor and kevlar and linex truck bed liner on bottom. "

Kevlar? Not only is it functional but it also seems to be bullet proof. Thanks to Allen for letting us share pictures of his creation. The next time he is passing through Huntersville we hope he will stop by and let us have a look see first hand.


Capt Gordon said...

Looks like the Cadillac of fishin boats.

Rick Passek said...

Beautiful boat. One of the nicest jobs I have seen.

Rick Passek