Monday, February 09, 2009

Have you seen this fly?

Reader Ed Hickey dropped us a line to ask for help finding information about a fly that has been in his family for at least 50 years. Ed writes:

Have you ever heard of a fly called : Kikkendoll. Really am unsure of the spelling here but am spelling it like it sounds. This fly has been spoken of in our family for the last 50+ years and I'm wondering if it really did or still does exist. Something known as "Junglecock" is always mentioned when this fly is talked about. And whatever the junglecock is/ was is either protected or extinct and these flies are no longer available. They sure were the most popular flies out on the Sierra Nevada mountain areas we used to fish in but that was back in the 1970's. Hope there's some truth to this fly and maybe a few fishermen who have some knowledge of them

So far I haven't been able to come up with much information for him, except the assumption that the fly in question was a type of Salmon fly due to the use of Jungle Cock in the design. (I did provide a link to some info about Junglecock feathers) Therefore, I am putting the question out to our readers in hope that one of our more in the know fly tying folks can enlighten us. Responses welcome via the comments.


KBarton10 said...

If the fellow referenced the Sierra Nevada mountains, it could be a trout streamer.

A lot of old streamers used Jungle Cock on the cheeks - and the Sierra's are largely a trout fishery.

Never heard of it, despite living in the shadow of the Sierra's.

KBarton said...

A wild thought - but with a name like that could it be someone's last name?

Kuykendall comes to mind - it'd sure sound similar to "kicking doll"

Murdock said...

I figured you might be able to figure something out. I think you are on to something with the name.