Saturday, January 10, 2009

Own an Alaskan Fishing Lodge: $10,800

The catch is that it is located inside a 27 x 30 x 45 inch coffee table piece of artwork by Bill Christensen.
Diorama coffee table at 1/180th scale depicting Alaskan resort. Planes,train,whale and fishing boats are hand carved. Bear, deer,beaver, orca, eagle and mechanical flock of geese fly over Lodge. Mirrored walls duplicate setting.Lighted boat, plane, train, dock and Lodge. Florescent lit stained glass water with lit clear marble accent skirt.Built-in handles, magnifying (controlpannel cover) acts as cocktail coasteron tempered glass top. Shipping weight.100 lbs.
Buy it via MESART for $10,800 We like to imagine that it is populated by a group of Lilliputian fishing guides who spend their days chasing 5 millimeter rainbow trout and their nights drinking thimbles full of grain alcohol while tying tiny flies.

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