Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gill Net Ban Convert

Earlier this year a Rocky Mount Telegraph reporter wrote a series of articles for his paper in Rocky Mt, NC focusing on the gill net problem we are seeing in Carolina waters. In the original series he tried to be a good reporter and be fair to both sides. Seems like he has had his own run in with the netters and seems to finally understand the way this thing works. He wrote a new article that ran this past weekend:

"We were unable to get another strike from a trout after that episode of rudeness. The commercial fisherman had watched us catch those big trout, then completely wrapped up all the points we had been fishing for the day.

Since last Saturday, I am no longer “on the fence.” I want gill netting to be banned in North Carolina as soon as possible. This coming weekend would not be soon enough."

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Anonymous said...

It would seem to me the ultimate act of rudeness would be to suddenly end a mans way of providing for his children and feeding his family through the winter months when money is all but completely exhausted, when we rely on fresh fish caught in a gill net to meet our needs and drive away hunger pains. I love my fellow brothers and sisters who fish for pleasure and recreation. To have fun and enjoy themselves with a good day of fishing, just to pass the time away after work and/or on the weekends. I don't think you are evil,and feel no hatred toward any of you. In fact, I forgive you. I don't think any of you are stupid. However, I think most of you don't understand and through word of mouth some of the vital information about gill nets and commercial fishermen was lost in the passing of information one person to another. I am not angry or hostile. I enjoy taking my son trout fishing with live shrimp for bait when they are available. To help me relax after spending the week fighting off mother nature,time,tide,and fatigue. I have no desire to take away a mans recreation or relaxation. I don't understand why any of you would want to stop me from supporting my family the same way I have for the last 20 years. Thats like going to work one day after being on the job for 20 years and before you hit the time clock the boss says your fired get out of here without ever giving you reason or just cause. I'm not angry just plain dissappointed. Someone that doesn't know me and has never met me, would judge me from afar; Has the power and ability to prevent me from supporting my children. I have only one question I would really like an answer to. WHAT DID I(ME and MY FAMILY) EVER DO AGAINST YOU?