Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Fly Fishing Show hits Charlotte this Weekend

This is your reminder that The Fly Fishing Show will be rolling into our home town this Friday at 10 AM. The show will be at the Charlotte Merchandise Mart and will run through Saturday evening. This year's show is looking to be a good one with the pre-show chatter indicating more bargains than ever on gear and trips. The FlyfishMagazine.com crew will be on site for both days (as well as attending the many after parties) so be sure to look for us if you plan to attend.
FlyfishMagazine.com contributor, Capt. Paul Rose, will be giving seminars both Friday and Saturday about tips for catching Carp on the fly. Captain Gordon Churchill, our very own Redfish guru, will be on site Saturday and will be signing autographs and accepting adoration from the fly fishing masses. As for me, I will be wandering around, conducting interviews with pretty much anyone who will take the time to talk to me, as well as bestowing prizes from the corporate swag vault to the show attendees that we feel best exemplify the age old practice of wearing fishing gear to a fishing show. If you dare show up wearing your waders and vest you just might get a prize (albeit a small one).

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Rex said...

If you see Chuck Furimsky, please tell him Rex from Aqua Design says hi. Sorry I'll miss the show this year!