Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas in Mexico-No luggage

We spent this Christmas in sunny Mexico on the Mayan Riviera thanks to my little brother John. He treated the whole family and there were nineteen of us at the fantastic Mayan Palace all inclusive resort. The rooms were great. The food was great. The drinks were great and plentiful. There was only one small problem. Our luggage didn't show up for three days. It was on a tour of Mexican airports, and arrived three days late, partially destroyed, and so dirty that I think it was delivered on donkeys.

The reason for this posting has nothing to do with fishing. It is all about my experience with my Exofficio travel gear. I arrived in Mexico wearing an Exofficio air strip lite shirt(pictured)Exoffficio zip off pants and Exofficio give and go underwear. Other than a swim suit and a tank top that I got from my brother, that is all I had to wear for three days. Exofficio advertises that all you have to do is rinse the clothes in the sink, roll them up in a towel, stomp on them, and hang them up to dry. That is what I did, and my family was amazed. The shirt and shorts dried in a few hours and looked like they came out of the dryer. My wife wore my shirt when I wasn't wearing it and was so impressed that we bought her three when we got back.

I told my friend Sven at Exofficio that I would field test some gear for him and report back; so Sven we were all impressed. Our staff is always willing to field test all types of gear and give our honest opinion and in this case Exofficio gear gets a big thumbs up.

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